The purpose of a self managed super fund is to provide retirement benefits for you and your dependants. The investment decisions are your choice (within certain rules) and administrative plus taxation obligations are your responsibility.

At Choice Super we offer the best way to both:

  • Keep track of your investment decisions and performance.
  • Ensure that your super fund is compliant plus saving you tax and building your wealth.

Our accounting service is friendly, competent and great value.

Our Team

We are highly competent at super fund accounting. We personally do all of the work and treat each super fund as if it was our own. Thus a high degree of care is ensured and all of our work is of the best quality.

We are friendly and accessible. You are welcome to have the direct mobile number and email address to contact the accountant who takes care of and is familiar with your super fund.

Beware! Some cheap online super fund accounting services make ostentatious claims. In reality they send your information overseas for processing, resulting in poor service and quality.

Everything 24/7

At Choice Super we provide all of the compliance, financial, taxation, analytical and management documents and information for your super fund.

You will receive a secure login for anytime access to view, download or print.

The services, documents and information that we provide, and that you can access 24/7 include:

  • Super fund Trust Deed
    (usually the bank will want to view this to setup a new bank account)
  • Member applications and trustee declarations
  • Investment strategy plus comparison report
  • Investment performance reports, linked to your shares or real estate or other investments
  • Annual financial reports and member statements
  • Annual Return (also known as the Tax Return lodged to the ATO)
  • Annual auditor’s report
  • Contribution dashboard displaying contributions received and limits
  • Choice form to employer with contribution information plus SuperStream notification
  • Pension commencement letters and pension dashboard to track pensions paid and required
  • Centrelink schedule (if receiving a Centrelink benefit, this makes reporting easy)
  • TBAR (Transfer Balance Annual Reports required by the ATO if taking a pension)
  • Actuarial certificates (needed in some situations)


We give clients the option to prepare their super fund accounts either quarterly or annually.
Prices start from $270 per quarter or $1,080 per year (including GST).

The price will of course depend on the size and complexity of your particular super fund. Preparing paperwork can be tedious and time consuming. To make running your super fund as smooth and efficient as possible we can assist in setting up your bank and investment data to be sent to us, so that you don’t need to, thus saving you time and effort each quarter or year.

We aim to provide great service, quality and value to all clients.

Start Now

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We are confident that you will be very pleased with the benefits of this premium super fund accounting service at Choice Super.