At Choice Super we are a group of accountants focused on being the best at super fund accounting.

Our past experience also includes working in other related areas such as personal and small business tax, financial planning, banking, share trading and real estate. Much thought and effort has been made to ensure that we can confidently provide this premium level accounting service.

What we do

  • Set up new super funds
    See START to set up your super fund
  • Provide a very comprehensive accounting service
    See Everything 24/7 for details
  • Assist in tracking investments and monitoring performance
  • Give practical tips for share trading, real estate or other investments
  • Offer tax advice to keep compliant with the
    ATO as well as save tax where possible
  • Provide a 24/7 login so that you can view, download or print documents and information about your super fund
  • Provide ATO links with information about self managed super

What we don’t do

  • Tell you to set up a new super fund
    Watch: “Why do I want an SMSF” (by the ATO)
  • Send your job overseas for processing,
    or provide poor quality work
  • Tell you specific investments to buy or sell such as a particular property or share
  • Receive commissions or other hidden benefits to ourselves
  • Lodge false information to the ATO, putting both
    you and ourselves at risk
  • Make it difficult to contact us
    or to access what you need
  • Copy and paste a mountain of ATO information into our website to “appear” impressive

Useful Links

You may find the following ATO links useful, they contain much information about super.

About self managed super funds

Contributions you can accept

Contribution caps